Inspiration, Insight Behind the New Happy Cog Redesign

Do you ever wonder what goes into brainstorming sessions and creative ideas from some of the top names in the Web design field? You’ll find that and much more with blog posts earlier this week by three creators of the latest redesign of Happy Cog’s website - Jeffrey Zeldman, Jason Santa Maria, and Daniel Mall. Designing with Web Standards, 2nd Ed. Peachpit, July 2006.

Especially after the privilege of working with Jeffrey Zeldman on the Web Standards Project Steering Committee, I’m genuinely happy for him to see how Happy Cog has evolved and expanded over the years, with offices now in New York and Philadelphia. The Happy Cog website needed to better reflect the agency as it is now, including their diversity, so the redesign project was born.

As Jeffrey also stated in his post earlier this week, Happy Cog redesigns, 2/7/2007, the Happy Cog site was always his baby, and he had always handled the redesigns. This time, though, the incredibly gifted Jason Santa Maria handled the redesign that features a stunning watercolor painting for the topmast by the highly talented Kevin Cornell. You’ve seen Kevin’s illustrations featured at A List Apart, too. The equally talented Daniel Mall handled all the markup and CSS behind the scenes.

In addition to checking out the beautifully redesigned Happy Cog website and the people of Happy Cog, be sure to check out these posts by three of the site’s creators to learn some fascinating insight behind the brainstorming and how the site became what it is today with its redesign.

There are plenty of additional comments at the end of those posts, so be sure to check those out, too.

My warmest congratulations and best wishes go out to Jeffrey and all those at Happy Cog. All the best with the redesign and the tremendous growth of Happy Cog!

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