WaSP, Microsoft, and Web Standards

The WaSP (Web Standards Project) website today reported on two recent face-to-face meetings between WaSP and Microsoft as part of a new collaboration to promote Web standards and help developers build standards-conformant Web applications. The initial indications are incredibly positive, and I’m more than a little thrilled to see this giant leap forward.

Molly Holzschlag, one of the WaSP members meeting with Microsoft, stated at her weblog,

The bottom line? We’re talking, Microsoft is listening.

Not only has Microsoft offered an open door to WaSP’s criticism and ultimate assistance, but individual developers there are expressing a lot of enthusiasm about our relationship. Sitting face to face with Brian and Chris, it’s certainly clear to me that these are colleagues who not only get the importance of standards compliance, but want it badly, too.

. . . support for web standards is an issue Microsoft is paying attention to very, very seriously.

Even though I’m typically an optimist, frankly, the past couple of years or so didn’t leave me with much hope that Microsoft would develop better support for Web standards in their browsers, especially the next version. Microsoft’s position seems to be shifting, however, in light of their willingness to work with WaSP. Whew! This new development is such a positive move in the right direction. Ah, is the sun coming out?

Currently CSS bugs in IE and lack of support for various elements are a major source of frustration, as I’ve written about countless times. Browser support for Web standards truly makes a gigantic and positive difference.

The New DOM Scripting Task Force

In other WaSP news, WaSP has formed a new DOM Scripting Task Force, led by Dori Smith and Jeremy Keith, along with 13 task force members. You can follow developments at their DOM Scripting Task Force Website.


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  1. It would be nice if Microsoft learned to play well with others, I’m not holding my breath. We’ve heard this before from them and still little or no change.

    10:14 am, pdt22 July, 2005Comment by Chris K

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