IE Development Team has a Blog

Microsoft Internet Explorer’s development team started a weblog: IEBlog. See Wednesday’s Useful Resources post, too, for some good links to check out.

This will be interesting.

hat tip: John Dowdell, JD on MX.

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  1. those guys are getting pummeled in the comments section. This is the benefit/curse of allowing open conversation on a corporate blog.

    If they respond well to the complaints and include it into their development this will be great for Microsoft blogging. If they get defensive and turn off comments it will be seen as typical MS.

    07:49 pm, pdt22 July, 2004Comment by Hashim

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  2. Yes, there’s a lot of negative garbage that isn’t at all helpful. Constructive criticism, such as pointing out what needs to be fixed, would have a better chance of being taken more seriously, that’s for sure.

    It will be interesting to see what the IE development team does with all the problems that need to be fixed with the browser, in addition to the features many of us would like to see.

    As more individuals and companies quit using IE and start using their competitors' browsers they might begin to take notice. With Longhorn so far away there’s plenty of time for their competitors to gain a stronger percentage of market share, especially as more begin to look at what other browsers have to offer compared to IE. The continued serious security issues are strong enough reason now for many to change browsers, and we all know that it takes a LOT for individuals and companies to change software. Opera and Mozilla are lightyears beyond IE and continue to improve while IE has been stagnant for quite a long time. As soon as others see the difference in these browsers it’s no wonder they’re shifting away from IE.

    And I haven’t even mentioned the CSS problems with IE6 that have bugged us designers and developers. ;-)

    08:55 am, pdt23 July, 2004Comment by Shirley Kaiser

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