Organizing Your Website

With all the talk about URLs lately there’s also talk about categories and organizing your website. Some have provided helpful tips for Movable Type tweaks, too.

Organizing by Categories

Do you know what faceted classification is? Do you care? Should you care? Does it even matter? Check out IAWiki’s section on Faceted Classification for plenty of information, links, a facet map, and more resources that explain facet classification.

The PMEST faceted classification formula of personality, matter, energy, space, and time is how Tanya Rabourn based her website scheme, as she writes in her August 10 post, Faceted Movable Type. She explains faceted classification and why she decided to base her website on it. Then she provides some helpful Movable Type snippets to show how she organized her categories based on faceted classification. I also love her final comment,

“This is additional evidence to back up my observation that most problems in life can be solved with the creative use of regular expressions.”

Check out Tanya’s weblog, Pixelcharmer Fieldnotes to see how she’s implemented faceted classification. And if you have Movable Type you can also utilize the MT snippets that she’s provided to show how she did it with MT.

Subcategories for Your Categories

David Raynes has provided a new plugin, MTSubCategories, a replacement for MTCategories and allows subcategories for your Movable Type categories. He’s also provided helpful examples of its use.


Transmogrify Your Blog is the golden path’s post about how the weblog was set up, including the site architecture, Movable Type tweaks, snippets, and plugins, and helpful insight. Interesting reading.

1To change into a different form, substance, or state: convert, metamorphose, mutate, transfigure, transform, translate, transmute, transpose, transubstantiate. From bartleby.com.

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