Friday Feast #51: Web Typography, Movable Type, RSS and Comic Strips

Today’s Feast covers three seemingly different topics, but one of the common threads is creativity. There’s plenty of it combined with talent in today’s link feast.

Web Typography

[Great Web Typography, by Wendy Peck]Great Web Typography is Wendy Peck’s latest book, published in February. Be sure to visit the Companion Site for more information, too. Wendy has also been the Graphics Expert for WebReference for quite some time now where you can read dozens of her fantastic, easy-to-understand tutorials, including quite a few on type, such as:

Blogdex Gets its Own Domain

Jimmy Wales, creator of Wikipedia, happened to own the domain names for,, and Earlier this year he generously offered to give them to MIT for the very popular Blogdex. Effective around July 6 Blogdex resides at its new home at, so be sure to change your bookmarks. You can read the story at Blogdex’s Thanks page.

Movable Type Goodies

Movable Type Plugin Manager looks like an extremely promising way to handle all your Movable Type plugins, even in the current beta version. As a newbie to Movable Type it’s valuable to help me keep track of the plugins, install them, and provide helpful information all from its easy-to-understand interface within MT. As a seasoned MT user, its value in managing plugins collected over time would be tremendous. The Beta version has a few kinks to work out but despite those minor little beta bugs it’s an incredibly valuable tool, and I know it will be a big hit. Major kudos to David Raynes and Kristine Beeson for all the hard work.

Speaking of plugins, the MT Plugin Directory website is a repository for Movable Type plugins. That’s the first place to go to see if there’s a plugin that will help you do what you want within Movable type. I’ve listed more resources within my Movable Type Resources section.

My own adventures with setting up my weblog with Movable Type have taken me to the Collect plugin by Kevin Shay that collects and collates specified HTML in your entries in quite a variety of ways. I’ve set up a test section that’s collating all the links I’ve cited and then generates pages for each URL with a listing of posts and citations. You can check out the rough draft at my Cited Links staging area. [Note: you may see floating images within those pages—as of this post I haven’t figured out if the Collect plugin can turn those into text links from their ALT tags within the collating arrangement that I did... details, details.]

Kevin’s Collect plugin will do lots more than this, though, such as creating a list of recent links, creating footnotes for you, and more.

Comic Strips via RSS?

Yes, it’s actually true. Chris Pirillo wrote about wanting to find some good comic strips via RSS, and now you’ll find more than 10 provided at Tapestry by David Thomson, including Peanuts, Calvin and Hobbs, Garfield, and other well-known standards. The Comments section in Chris’s post has links to others, too.

I still love Peanuts after all these years. Charles Schulz is sorely missed but it’s so nice to see his work live on. Another longtime favorite of mine is Gary Larson’s The Far Side. His wacky humor always makes me chuckle. And Bill Watterson’s Calvin and Hobbs is always a fun adventure. Well, my list of favorite comic strips could go on and on. I greatly appreciate the talent that goes into this creative work, too.


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  1. I’m glad you are enjoying the plugin manager! Hopefully the next versions will even bring more features and functions to help people with their plugins. :)

    09:35 pm, pdt14 July, 2003Comment by kristine

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  2. Thanks, Kristine. Well, even in this beta version it’s truly outstanding, and its potential usefulness is tremendous.

    10:26 pm, pdt16 July, 2003Comment by Shirley Kaiser

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