Steal These Buttons

[steal 'em]You’ve probably seen the latest trend in icons that folks are also generously giving away, including those at antipixel, Raging,, and Will Pate even made one for Jeffrey Zeldman’s new book: [Designing with Web Standards, by Jeffrey Zeldman]

Taylor McKnight has kindly provided a Steal These Buttons! collection that currently has over 300 icons free to the public, including three buttons that I contributed recently. [Icons Sample: Technorati, Blogwise, Routine]

Help yourself to the above three icons: .zip (PC), .sit (Mac or PC), download any of the icons in the Steal These Buttons! collection, or create your own with the templates provided at the site, too.

Others have decided to create this look with CSS without using any graphics, such as Mike Golding’s (see especially the version 2 buttons).

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