Shortchanging Information Architecture

How does the Dewey Decimal System relate to web design? Alan K'necht explains that in his new article for Digital Web, Making Cents from Information Architecture. Many of us would agree that it’s important to organize information in an insightful way that allows for ease of use and expandability. Using the Dewey Decimal System and blueprints for a home as helpful analogies, K'necht explains why information architecture matters and why it’s important to begin with information architecture as the base upon which the design is built.

In addition to Alan K'necht’s new column, $ and Sense of IT, Digital Web has a new article by Christopher Rusay, User-Centered Design for Large Government Portals. This new article covers the complexity and challenges faced with designing or redesigning a government site with anywhere from one hundred thousand pages to a million pages or more. How can you step in and create a consistent design across 40+ departments, roadblocks with internal office politics, and more? Rusay explains how to work with all these challenges to gain a consistent, efficient website. Even if your projects are on a much smaller scale, there’s plenty of insight here about approaches to take, how to create flexible navigation, how to work with organizing content, and more, all with the user in mind.

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