Friday Feast #27: All About Weblogs, Syndication Discussions

Weblog syndication has been a hot topic around the weblog community the past couple of weeks, so I’m passing along some links about that in addition to some terrific links to or about weblogs.

All About Weblogs

I keep discovering or rediscovering such interesting weblogs and sites related to weblogging. Here are just a few from the past week or so.

Peter Scott’s Weblog Compendium is a fabulously information-packed site about weblogs, including links to directories of weblogs, weblog tools, news articles about weblogs, weblog templates, and much more. Amazing resource.

Steve Rokita’s weblog is an absolute gold mine of information about wireless networking, 802.11, Wi-Fi, emerging technologies, CMS, business reports, weblogging, and much more. In addition to his well-written weblog, his left and right columns contain terrifically helpful links to hardware, service providers, home networking, geek info, business news, weblogging info, 802.11b sites, and more.

Google Weblog is a weblog about Google (not affiliated with Google). Fascinating reading to be had here from news and info about Google to all kinds of tips and links and even an archive of Google’s logos. I had far too much fun exploring.

The Wall Street Journal’s Geoffrey A. Fowler wrote Special Report: The Internet, ...Find a Blog, a November 18th report on finding weblogs of interest for your own daily reading. I found many of the usual directory suspects listed but it’s especially helpful for those getting their feet wet with the weblog world.

For more weblogs and sites related to weblogs, see the Luscious Links section at this website.

Syndicating Your Weblog

There’s been lots of discussion the last couple of weeks about using RSS and XHTML for syndicating weblogs, such as Tantek Çelik’s XHTML vs. the world and More on XHTML syndication, Scott Andrew’s Semantic overloading, and Mark Pilgrim’s Syndication is not publication. Within those you’ll also find plenty of links to more opinions and discussions that can easily fill your entire weekend.


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