Opera News: Version Updates, Email, Linux Teaming Up, More

Opera has issued several press releases in the past week or so besides what I’ve already posted (see the archives). Opera is now being distributed in two versions of Linux, updates are available for their Windows and Linux version browsers, and more. Here are highlights:

OperaMail Premium Service

Ad-free and almost half the price of competitors, Opera’s Premium Webmail is packed with many needed features, according to their July 8 press release. They’ve also provided a comparison chart with Hotmail MSN and Yahoo! Mail so you can see for yourself.

Windows update for Opera

Download Opera 6.04, the latest Windows update. Their July 1 press release provides more details about the changes.

Opera and Linux

Download Opera 6.02, the latest Linux update. Their July 3 press release provides the details.

Opera will also be distributed with two Linux versions, SuSE and Linux- Mandrake.

Opera Distribution to U.S. Luxury Hotels

NXTV Inc. rolls out leading Web browser from Opera Software into luxury U.S. Hotels

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