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This month’s issue of Joe Gillespie’s Web Page Design for Designers includes a helpful article about putting together a design portfolio. Get some fresh ideas or learn how to show your skills to potential clients or employers either online, offline, or via CD-ROM with Joe’s new article, Get That Job! He explains the pitfalls, the to-dos, what clients and employers are looking for, and provides a good checklist.

After you’ve read Joe’s article, I also suggest checking out other designers' sites and portfolios. Check them out as if you’re a potential client and see if their sites and portfolios make you want to hire them. If so, why? If not, why not? Think about the details, as it’s often the details that make a difference, whether or not you’re initially aware of them.

Not sure where to find other designers' portfolios? Ask your friends and colleagues. I also commonly find them from weblog links and discussion list signature tags.

This month Joe also wrote a mini-review on WaSP’s Phase 2 launch, some helpful tips for making clean and crisp thumbnail images, and new resources for creativity and inspiration.

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