Star Wars, Spider-man, Buying Movie Tickets Online

Buying movie tickets online has become such a great convenience for my family and me. We can buy movie tickets days in advance, take the printed online receipt with us and walk right past the long line of folks outside buying their tickets. Just inside the lobby door is a booth or table to trade our online printed receipts for the physical theater tickets.

Even for the opening day of Spider-man a week or two ago we stood in a short 5-person line for my pre-purchased online confirmation and physical tickets, but that was nothing compared to the line wrapped around the building outside with people waiting to buy tickets.

Not everyone has the smooth results that I’ve had so far, though. For the new Star Wars Episode II movie, CNet news ran a story, Fans meet the dark side of Web tickets. Fully expecting to get in for the just-after-midnight opening show, some fans were in for a surprise when that didn’t quite work out as expected. Woops. Perhaps they should have bought them from Fandango instead who had it right.

Despite hearing about that glitch, though, I’ve found that buying movie tickets online is a fabulous service, a handy convenience, and one that I’ll definitely continue using. We bought our Star Wars Episode II tickets online in advance, too, and plan to arrive at least an hour ahead to hopefully get a good seat and settle in with our popcorn to enjoy watching what others say is even better than the last Star Wars.

Buying movie tickets online in advance is comparable to just one tiny grain of sand on the Internet beach. Our lives have changed so much as a result of the Internet, haven’t they?!

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