Friday Feast #8: CSS, Search Engines, and Wireless

Today’s Friday Feast has links to some helpful new tips for print and CSS, two new articles by search engine expert Danny Sullivan, and great innovations in wireless development.

By the way, if you know of some good sites, please let me know and I’d love to post them for an upcoming Friday Feast.

CSS Goodies

Here are two new articles on helping you get the handle on CSS and printable pages. They’re both helpful in their own ways.

  • CSS Beyond the Browser
    by Eric Meyer for this week’s A List Apart. Great help with using CSS for creating a printable version of your webpage without having to actually create a separately formatted page. He also helps with browser quirks, font sizing, background issues, and more. See also the forum for this article.
  • Printing with style
    by Lachlan Cannon (luminosity) for Big help for working with CSS for printable webpages.
    [Hat tip: Joel Canfield]

See also Eric’s earlier article (2000) for WebReview now at his own site:

  • Print Different
    by Eric Meyer, originally for An easy-to-understand tutorial on the basics of using CSS to create printable webpages.

Cutting Edge CSS

Speaking of CSS and Eric Meyer, check out Eric’s CSS Edge site where he experiments with cutting edge CSS. Bring your most current browser with you when you visit. He continues to add new goodies, so I like to check it out often.

Search Engine News

Search engine optimization expert Danny Sullivan has two new articles at ClickZ that are worth the read:

  • Google Bombs Aren’t So Scary
    by Danny Sullivan for ClickZ May 1, 2002. Learn how Google’s rankings are and aren’t influenced by links around the Web. Helpful info.
  • The Bumpy Road to Maximum Monetization, Part 1
    by Danny Sullivan for ClickZ May 8, 2002. Is the end of free also coming for search engine submissions? With many submission fees already in place, see what Danny foresees for the future.

Speaking of Blogging

What’s All the Talk About Blogging?
A new article by Seana Mulcahy for ClickZ. Overviews blogging and has some interesting links.

Wireless News

A snip from their press release:

Magis First to Demonstrate Wireless Video and Data Network

World’s first live 5 GHz HDTV and Internet transmission

San Diego—April 29, 2002—Magis Networks, Inc., a leader in 802.11a wireless chipsets, today announced it will offer the world’s first live demonstration of a wireless 5 GHz network transmitting both HDTV and Internet data simultaneously. The company develops chipsets that enable wireless communications of high-quality video, TCP/IP data, and audio throughout the home and office. The demonstration will be featured at the National Cable Telecommunications Association’s upcoming Cable 2002 show in New Orleans, May 6–8, in Magis’ booth number 2023.

[Hat tip: Joel Canfield]

On a Lighter Note

Check out SatireWire’s Your Work Habits Explained.

More and More

Always more on all the above!

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