CSE HTML Validator Adds Another Version Choice

The well-respected CSE HTML Validator now has a Standard version in addition to its Lite and Professional versions. The CSE HTML Validator site explains the differences among the versions so you can choose what best suits your needs.

CSE HTML Validator

In addition to HTML, CSE HTML Validator also includes support for CSS, Accessibility (WAI), U.S. 508 Guidelines, XHTML, Ruby syntax checking, spell checking, and more.

I’ve been using CSE HTML Validator every single day for several years now to check my markup as I work along within HomeSite. CSE integrates into HomeSite and several other programs and also works as a stand-alone program. I use the batch processing included with the Professional version for a final check before uploading or submitting completed projects to clients. And before I do a final validation of my work with W3C Validator, I use CSE HTML Validator.

This is also one of the programs that I wholeheartedly recommend and endorse, and you’ll find my recommendation along with many others on their Testimonials page.

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