Friday Feast #2: Internet Radio and More Music

One of the benefits of reformatting a hard drive is rediscovering or discovering software. When reinstalling Winamp today I explored Internet Radio via SHOUTcast just a bit. Since I’m a musician, you’d think I’d be up on the latest with this wonderful part of the Internet. Uh, no, and I’ve got a lot to learn as I can see from this brief glimpse.

It really is amazing to be able to listen to live Jazz from Monterey, California, stations all over the world, and hundreds of music genres, all with the click of a button on your computer.

(Keep in mind that I often click on a site in Switzerland or Austria and am still intrigued to know that I’m actually pulling a page from a server on the other side of the world in just a blink, too. So overall I remain in awe of this technology despite the years I’ve been using it and even have a business based on it.)

Speaking of music, I’ve been wanting to plug the fabulous music of and the new weblog by Joel Canfield (a.k.a. spinhead around about all kinds of music.

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