Mooney’s MiniFlags Graphics—Wow!

Mooney’s MiniFlags, created and maintained by Edward Mooney, Jr.[1], generously offers free flags graphics for non-commercial use (contact them for commercial use). Contributed by the Flags of the World email mailing list members, these accurately portrayed flags are available in two sizes. Below are just a few samples from the smaller versions.

US flag Canada flag UK flag Austria flag Switzerland flag
Australia flag New Zealand flag Japan flag Tibet flag India flag
Venezuela flag Brazil flag Chile flag Argentina flag South Africa flag

I can’t even count how many times I’ve seen requests in discussion lists over the years for good quality flags graphics. Besides their helpfulness for your site, though, it’s an interesting tour to see the flags from all these countries throughout the world. There are also provinces, states, regional flags, historical flags, and more, too.

If you use these flags, remember to honor their credit wishes in exchange for this kind gift to all of us by the Flags of the World email mailing list members.

[1] Edward Mooney, Jr. is also the author of the 2002 Pulitzer Prize nominated book, The Pearls of the Stone Man.

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