Forward Compatibility

There’s been so much buzz about creating backward compatible sites. What about forward compatible? I’ve discussed that here since that’s how I create sites now, and Jeffrey Zeldman has started a new section at his site on the subject of forward compatibility. He’s writing a book to be titled, Forward Compatibility: Designing & Building With Web Standards. I couldn’t be any more excited. So hurry up and get it written, Jeffrey. :-) I have a feeling that writing it will be an interesting and fun exploration, too.

This forward thinking approach is not one that many people are using yet, so I’m especially thrilled to see him doing this. I know from my own adventures with this shift in thinking that my outlook on designing a site has changed substantially, and I’m learning a lot by exploring possibilities. Just thinking about creating a design that doesn’t rely on tables to hold it all together is totally different from the design work that I’ve done most of the time I’ve been designing sites (since 1996).

My perception as I write this is that dealing with Netscape 4 is what holds many of us back from abandoning tables, with the added bonus (?!) of knowing that many clients are stuck on having a site look as close to identical as possible regardless of the browser. Well, I’ll continue to write more on that in the days ahead, too.

I think we get used to using certain tools and strategies, and to consider shifting our thinking and coming from a very different direction is truly an exciting adventure to me. I don’t see this shift as abandoning my previous ways but rather as building on experience, moving ahead, moving up, moving onward.

Well, I’ll try to be patient about you getting your new book published, Jeffrey. ;-)

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