Find What You Need at W3C

One of the complaints I hear often, unfortunately, is not being able to find things very easily at the W3C site. Here are a couple of things that may help a bit:

  1. The W3C Technical Reports and Publications page is a helpful listing at W3C to quickly find the most recent Recommendations, Working Drafts, Technical Reports and other publications. You can quickly scan the list to also see their most recent work, which is impressive indeed.
  2. Search the W3C site using their onsite search (which uses Google) located on the main page at the top of the right column. To narrow your search there, use a keyword phrase.
  3. At I’ve included annotated listings to many of the more common W3C references needed, too, organized within the related resources categories, such as CSS, DOM, HTML, and XHTML.

By the way, to keep up with the latest W3C news, you can subscribe to W3C’s weekly announcement newsletter.

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