New Issue at Digital Web

The January issue of Digital Web is now available. Some of the highlights:

Nick Finck’s review of HomeSite was of special interest to me since I’ve been a devoted HomeSite user since Nick Bradbury first created it long ago. Version 5 does have many good new improvements, and Nick discusses a bunch of them.

Nick mentioned in his well done review that while HomeSite now provides XHTML support, it validates for XHTML Strict but not XHTML Transitional yet. My own answer to that one is CSE HTML Validator (which I’ve got integrated into HomeSite), which validates both XHTML Transitional and XHTML Strict. It also checks CSS and now even checks for the U.S. Section 508 guidelines. CSE’s Lite version is free, and it integrates into several programs or can be a standalone program, too. I like to use CSE Validator while I’m working along in HomeSite, and then I typically run the page through W3C’s validator when I’m finished.

In addition to the highlights I’ve noted above are the regular columns by Peter Fielding and Stephen Van Doren, and all the great other features that make Digital Web Magazine so popular.

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