Comparing Opera 6, Netscape 6/Mozilla .96, Internet Explorer 6

Brett Tabke has put together a helpful chart comparing features of Opera 6, Netscape 6/Mozilla .96, Internet Explorer 6 in his article Face Off - A browser Feature Chart: Who has their ducks in a row? at Search Engine World. The informative chart sets the features and details for each browser next to each other for an interesting comparison. Keep in mind that this chart is from a user’s perspective (see below for comments about developers).

Following the chart Brett sizes up each browser and gives his opinion about them. His kudos about Opera are much like mine, with its speed, not using up memory, ability to have so many windows open without a problem, its unique features not found with other browsers (yet), and more.

Opera isn’t perfect, of course, though. For example, developers working with DHTML and the DOM know that Opera is still behind in its DOM support, even though it’s improved, and their ECMASCript/JavaScript is pretty good but still needs work, too.

Brett also gives kudos to Mozilla, and there are plenty of them, too. He wraps up with a shorter paragraph about Internet Explorer 6, with which he’s clearly not impressed.

Aside from Brett’s article, though, overall I’m thrilled to see more positive movement towards standards compliance with all three of these browsers, and while none of them may be as on the mark as we designers and developers would love to see this very minute, they’ve certainly come a long way and have been moving in positive directions.


Lots more in the archives about Opera (press releases, about the web), other browsers, web standards, and related.

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