George Harrison and Memories

There are articles and stories all over the Web about George Harrison right now. While many are very good, one of my favorites at the moment is from NPR. They have a Special Report on George Harrison that includes their Morning Edition on Harrison’s death, a timeline of his life and career, All Things Considered’s slideshow about him, All Songs Considered Tribute to George Harrison, and links to resources around the Web. And if you run a search on George Harrison at NPR’s site, you’ll get a wonderful collection of things to read and listen to there.

Last night’s Saturday Night Live replayed an older show with George Harrison performing "Here Comes The Sun" and "Homeward Bound" with Paul Simon. Watching them sing together brought tears to my eyes, thinking of Harrison no longer being here to write even more wonderful music, while also being so glad for what he has given to the world.

I also flashed back to watching that same footage when it first came out in 1976. I was immediately transported to that first viewing, remembering how I felt then, amazed that the one and only George Harrison was on TV performing. He was on Saturday Night Live playing his guitar and singing with Paul Simon. Their musicianship was magical to me at the time, and I was captivated and glued to the TV.

And last night I once again loved watching the two of them play this music together. I’m also a musician and understand the magic that can happen when you play with someone else who’s exceptionally gifted. Both are so blessed as musicians, songwriters, and guitarists in addition to being such interesting individuals.

That was also after laughing hysterically at Paul Simon starting the show dressed as a plump turkey for this Thanksgiving Special. There’s nothing quite like Saturday Night Live.

George Harrison also happened to die on my brother’s birthday. My brother and I talked at length about the impact of George Harrison and The Beatles on our lives, and I suspect we’ll remember him on every single birthday from now on. I’ve always appreciated the music of The Beatles and of George Harrison, and I’ve known for years that their music changed the world and has had an enormous impact on our lives. With Harrison’s death, though, I’m seeing that George Harrison individually and as part of The Beatles has left an even greater and more far-reaching impact around the world than I’d previously sensed. I’m also not surprised.


See also Friday’s post for more on George Harrison, including links to lyrics and more.

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  1. I accidently copied over my copy of this duet. Imagine my panic. It was neet watching george play pauls song and paul playing his. Any chance you know where I can get a copy??

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