Tim Berners-Lee’s Opinion About Microsoft’s Antics

Dan Gillmor decided to ask Tim Berners-Lee how he feels about Microsoft’s "latest browser tricks" in an interview posted Friday, mentioned also at his e-journal. Here’s a snippet:

DG: What is your reaction to Microsoft’s decision to disable non-IE browsers from access to MSN?

TBL: I have fought since the beginning of the Web for its openness: that anyone can read Web pages with any software running on any hardware. This is what makes the Web itself. This is the environment into which so many people have invested so much energy and creativity. When I see any Web site claim to be only readable using particular hardware or software, I cringe - they are pining for the bad old days when each piece of information need a different program to access it.


DG: Does Microsoft IE 6 meet all W3C standards? Do you believe the company’s explanation for its action? If not, why not?

TBL: It’s fair to note that no browser implements all W3C standards perfectly. That said, there are many which implement them to a high level which are cut out of the MSN site - most notably our own. We’ve thought a lot about what a browser should do, built one, and even made some guidelines available, which were well received by many developers. Amaya, the browser which W3C develops as a testbed for our technologies, and which arguably has the best W3C compliance, is blocked from

See more on this issue, including a press release from Opera in the prior two posts here:

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