W3C Patents Recommendation - Paying Royalties?!

Following up on Monday’s Paying Royalties To Use CSS or XML? What?!, several design discussion lists have asked for simple explanations of what’s going on with the W3’s patent recommendation. Some have asked what brought this all on, too. Now there are some explanations for us from very kind people who lost sleep just to get the word out in ways that more of us can understand.

First, though, I’d suggest following Jeffrey Zeldman’s site often, as he’s posting updated information, resources, and explanations. Dave Winer also has lots of info. I’ll be writing updates at my web log here also.

I hope this info helps. I don’t begin to understand all the details at W3’s site myself, but these URLs will go a long way in helping to understand what’s going on and what’s behind it all. I’ll send updates as I learn about them.

The deadline for comments is October 11. We don’t have much time!

W3C Information

Web Standards Project

Continual Updates, Web Log Comments


  • An examination of RAND
    Ben Henick explains what this is all about in more simple terms and includes links to more info.
  • No RAND for Me
    Alan Herrell, aka the head lemur, wrote his thoughts.


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