Search Engines: Pay For Inclusion or Not?

Search engine guru Danny Sullivan has an excellent new article out at ClickZ, The Evolution of Paid Inclusion. Some assume that if you pay for submission that it automatically means you’ll be on the first page of the search engine. Nope. It only guarantees that your site will be listed. You can, however, pay for placement, which does guarantee placement but is also quite expensive.

Danny states:

Paid inclusion means that in exchange for payment a search engine will guarantee to list pages from a Web site. These programs typically do not guarantee that the pages will rank well for particular queries, however. Whether a page ranks well still depends on the search engine’s underlying relevancy algorithms.

In contrast, paid placement does guarantee top listings. If you pay enough, you’ll be top ranked for the terms of your choice. So why would anyone bother with paid inclusion when there’s paid placement?

He answers the above question and many more in his informative article. Well worth the read.

Paying for submission or even the free submissions are typically futile if your site isn’t optimized and you end up on page 57. After all, when is the last time you went beyond beyond page 1, 2, or maybe 3 at a search engine?

So what is the secret to good search engine placement?

  • Plenty of keyword-rich content
  • a search engine friendly design.
  • There are also a combination of other things that can all add up to make a difference, too. Check out information here (The Meta Tag Myth) previously, and I also wrote a tutorial for Digital Web.


Here are two great sites devoted to search engine optimization and information. I also wholeheartedly recommend their newsletters:

At Brainstorms and Raves, WebsiteTips.com

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  1. Some search engine ranking professionals initially go for the paid listings so much so to keep the client silent until they get their client’s site ranked the organic (natural) way.

    In fact, I have seen customers approach a friend who is an SEO to handle Pay Per Click campaigns. There are two major differences here: Organic listing is free but will take time but it’s good in the long run whereas paid campaigns require a perennial investment.

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