Nano Sans: Another Great Pixel Font by Joe Gillespie

Nano Sans, Nano SansLC - new screen font family by Joe GillespieJoe Gillespie’s new Nano Sans pixel font has a techno style this time, and is another high quality font that has practical and fun uses.

navigation graphics sample using Nano Sans truetype font and Photoshop 6.I spent a couple of hours playing with Joe’s new typeface in Photoshop 6. I was especially impressed with its beautiful kerning, clarity and wide range of possible uses.

In addition to the techno quality, it’s also a great size and very clear and clean for navigation graphics. I also decided to get a bit more adventurous using Photoshop 6’s layer styles. Once again, I was impressed by its clarity and kerning.

Nano Sans font sample

Joe’s pixel fonts also come with a variety of "extras," such as arrows, circles, squares, copyright symbols, and much more. (See first sample above.)

Here’s Joe’s announcement about Nano Sans:

"Nano Sans is a new 'techno' pixel font family from Joe Gillespie, designer of the ubiquitous MINI 7.

For Web, multimedia and interface design, it is just perfect for situations when you want that 'modern progressive' look.

The Nano Sans TrueType family comes in two sizes, 5 px and 7 px. The 7 px size is caps and lower case, the 5 px size is small caps plus a set of special 'alternative' letters to give your text a more 'logo-like' quality.

In addition to the regular and bold weights, you also get oblique and bold oblique styles at both sizes - high speed italics!

Nano Sans oblique samples, new fonts by Joe Gillespie

As all eight fonts are designed on a 10 px body so they can be freely mixed 'n' matched making this a very versatile font indeed and all for the very low price of $15.

See samples of Nano Sans at http://www.wpdfd.com/Nano.htm."

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