Journey To A Gifted Type Artist

[Arid font sample]Visiting the Alphabytes Web site is a delicious journey through viewing spectactular typefaces and designs by their creator, Rob Leuschke. Graceful, expressive, attention to the tiniest details, and finely crafted, his typefaces are exceptional. Checking out Rob’s lettering samples provides a glimpse into his "use of the written word to create visual impact."

Rob primarily does custom work (and you’ll recognize many of the clients); however, he has made a couple of his typefaces available for sale and a free font, especially designed for use with IRC chat.

  • ITC Arid is available through Agfa Monotype.
  • Three of Rob’s fonts are currently available through his Web site. Here are direct links to each, where you can also view samples:
    Roelandt Family
    Chatfont (free)

For more about fonts, Fonts Resources has an extensive annotated listing of many of the best sites available for fonts, font-related programs and utilities, organizations, and much more related to fonts.

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