The Meta Tag Myth, Continued

In the recent column here, The Meta Tag Myth, I wrote about the importance of keeping meta tags in perspective with search engine rankings—they’re important but not the ONLY thing to do. If meta tags aren’t the great one-and-only saviour for search engine rankings, what else can they do?

Scott Clark wrote a very informative, helpful article about some of the other meta tag uses, in addition to their help with search engines. Didn’t know they did anything more than search engine rankings help? Well, check out this new article at WebReference.com. The article reviews several helpful uses of meta tags, such as redirects or refreshing, nocache, page expiration, window target, PICS label, robots, and more. Scott also provides further resources to helpful meta tag charts and articles, too.

An especially important and helpful aspect of Scott’s article is that he also discusses the browser quirks to keep in mind for each of the meta tags he reviews. This is a critical aspect, of course, in deciding the appropriateness of their use for your particular needs.

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