Typebox: A New Online Font Foundry

While I tend to mention font foundries more at my other column, Tips & Tidbits, I don’t want to neglect the issue of fonts here at Brainstorms & Raves, either. Whether you think of fonts as a beautiful art form as I do in addition to their function, or if you’re just looking around for good typefaces, there are many great ones available online.

Typebox is a new online font foundry to keep an eye on. They’re currently offering a free dingbat font, Toolbox, which is an inspired from a father’s toolbox of one of the founders. Nice font. While they’ll offer new fonts, they’ll also provide articles, a mini-magainze, and more.

[Please note that you may find a few links still not working, as they’re still constructing their new foundry.]

Be sure to visit WebsiteTips.com’s Fonts section, too, for a categorized and annotated listing of many of the best sites for fonts.

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