Design for ECommerce: Meet Bob the Browser And Friends

Andrew Chak writes about designing an effective ecommerce site in his new article, Design for Buyers (CNet Builder, March 27, 2001). Chak uses 3 characters, Bob the browser, Evelyn the evaluator, and Trevor the transactor to run through many points to consider.

So how do you design for all these personalities and ways of shopping? Design to accommodate the types of users to your site—provide easy-to-find information, simple navigation, and be mindful of what your visitors may be looking for when they pay a visit to your site. If you sell a lot of 35mm film, consider adding a clickable link to order that right up front, for example. Have a few photo accessories handy, too, as maybe they also need batteries, lens cleaners or a photo album.

What makes so easy? Take a look at how many ways you can access information about products at their site. There are tons of choices, but yet it’s designed so that it’s not at all overwhelming and the choices are easy to see and use.

Chak runs through a bunch of important points to consider in his article with examples, too. Worth a look.

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