Power Surges and Blackout Protection

The adventures of getting a good UPS backup (UPS = uninterruptable power source) this week left my head spinning in circles. Maybe it was the virus I had, but I think it was actually just trying to figure out which UPS to get. There are millions to choose from with a wide range of features and price tags.

I followed the link from ZDNet’s review of the BACK-UPS PRO 500 USB to APC’s Web site and really chuckled when I was greeted with an animated button:

"Californians Quick
While you still have power!
Get your APC Power Outage
Survival Kit!"

Many are trying to make money right now from our energy shortage. At the same time, though, thousands of businesses and private citizens are trying to figure out how they’ll pay these astronomical energy bills. Several states watching and feeling California’s energy problems are now reconsidering deregulation. California’s deregulation clearly hasn’t worked very well.

Regardless of where you live or work, having good surge protectors and UPS backups will help protect your computer equipment from inevitable power surges, brownouts, and blackouts. Tripp Lite and American Power Conversion (APC) are two of the most common brands for surge protection and UPS backup. Their Web sites can help you figure out what kind of protection is best suited for your equipment and needs, and they also both offer quite a bit of information about their wide ranges of products and where to purchase them.

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