Opera....and Speaking of Standards

The Opera 5.0 Web browser was released a couple of days ago. The good news is that there’s now a free version. The potential negative is that the cost of "free" means ads in the browser window. Registered users of the Windows 4.0 version get a free upgrade without ads, or you can purchase Opera 5.0 (without ads) for US$39.

Eudora, however, launched their free email program last February that includes ads, too, and rumor has it that this is going very well. Ah, things continue to evolve and change, don’t they?!

Opera is a great browser that works diligently toward adhering to browser standards. Program size is small, has lots of good features, and more new ones added to version 5. I’m continually more impressed. I wish them well with their new campaign.

Speaking of standards....

I’m a big advocate of browser standards, from various perspectives:

  1. the Web site designer, developer,
  2. the Web site owner, and
  3. the user.

While infomercials try to convince people that for only $39.95, you too can have a professional Web site, make your millions, and kick back, all within an hour, there’s the reality: Web site designers have an enormous task trying to develop Web sites that work consistently well on the major browsers.

Fight for Web StandardsWhile I wholeheartedly love this industry, I continue to push for browser standards and accessibility. Major thanks to those behind

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